Code Syling & Standards

Clean code looks like it was written by someone who cares. - Robert C. Martin Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship


We're using the latest standards of the open-source communities today within our internal development team, clean code that is easily readable and to understand by the entire team is important for our productivity, and duh, clean code is beautiful.

Here are the codestyle standards we hold all our projects against, sorted per-language / framework.


  • PSR-2 - Coding Style Guide
    • With an exception on tabs, we use TABS for indentation, SPACES for alignment.


  • Airbnb Javascript Code Style - A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript
    • With an exception on tabs, we use TABS for indentation, SPACES for alignment.


  • Airbnb CSS / Sass Styleguide - A mostly reasonable approach to CSS and Sass
    • With an exception on tabs, we use TABS for indentation, SPACES for alignment.



Git Standards

Git can be a mess, we're applying 'Convential Commits' and 'Git Flow' in order to make a little order out of this. 'Convential Commits' is a specification on how to name your commits when you push to your repo created by the rules of 'Git Flow'.

Using Git Flow, we create / fix & maintain our apps in seperate (feature / fix / hotfix) branches. For example; in branche feature/social-login I'll develop a social login feature for project X. When it's ready I create an Pull Request that a few people of the team check for possible improvements / mistakes. Once that is done it can be merged into our develop branche, periodically we merge new versions of develop into the master branche and delopy accordingly.§

  • Convential Commits - Specification to use for commits
  • Git Flow - Git workflow that is very well suited for collaboration and scaling the development team.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web, and are, Reliable, Fast & Engaging. This new level of quality allows Progressive Web Apps to earn a place on the user's home screen.

Source: Google Developers

PWA Checklist

A checklist for requirements in any 'progessive' web app, build in any framework.

Web Install Banners

In general we only need a manifest.json and a service worker in order to get a native Add To Homescreen pop-up in Chrome / Android. This is the minimal requirement but to improve the ratio of people actually adding this app to the home-screen it should be triggered on a convenient moment.

  1. Cancel & defer original prompt and save event.
  2. Use deferred prompt to prompt again.

Example implementation: (

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